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Welcome Home Daddy

Tucker welcomes his daddy home from his business trip

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I can haz freedm?

A mere baby gate cannot contain El Diablo

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I can has Tabby Love?

Tucker haz a flavr

U is mi best budz

I can haz fit in here plz?

I has a flavr! *wink* (the once in a lifetime shot)

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I’ve always thought of my babies as mutts, as opposed to specific breeds. I saw the momma, and I think I know who the father(s) are. Tonite, though, I came across a picture of a Maine Coon cat and thought it looked a lot like Picchu. I’ve been googling images for an hour now, and I’m convinced that Machu and Picchu are part Maine Coon.

Take a look http://www.kianacoons.com/

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Tabby Lurve

It never fails that when Tucker is getting love, Picchu has to butt in. Good thing my lap is big enough for double tabby love.

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