The Golden Bowl

If Henry James had had a cat like Tucker, the plot of his novel would be hella different.

Tucker, being the finicky master of the household that he is, prefers his water fresh. Being too fat to deign to jump up on the bathroom counter, Tucker insists on drinking out of the bathtub faucet. For awhile, the bathtub faucet leaked. Convenient for me, not so convenient for the environment. So like a good Green, I called maintenance to have it fixed.

Tucker now hates me.

I refuse to turn on both the sink faucet and the bathtub faucet on demand. When Tucker whines incessantly in the morning, I turn the shower on and watch him run. That got old, so it called for a more proactive approach. I got out one of the thrift store bowls I bought when I first lived on my own. Tucker does not appreciate the meaning in that bowl. He just demands fresh water in it every morning.

Cats 😛


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Hangin in the Crack

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